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New beginnings/ Purges in the imaginary // Up
Željka Gradski & Alan Vlahov


In the end, the spaces and inhabitants of Željka's and Alan's artistic worlds will come to life in their synchronicities for the first time together and before the eyes of an art audience, precisely in the fairytale space of the once neglected church of Our Lady of Carmel, which has been transformed into an exhibition space of the Alvona Gallery with the enthusiasm of the current manager.


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Vinko Šaina

If the statement "Style is the man" is still relevant or important today, then it finds its full definition in Vinko Šaina. (B. Toman)


Our Story

For years I had been passing by the neglected little church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel witnessing its gradual decay. One morning, after leaving my atelier and while watching the church’s dilapidated walls, I started to wonder what I could do in order to bring this building, built with love, back to life. And it was at that precise moment that everything began to unfold! Many people thought the idea was crazy and that it could not be realised, but I never had any doubt. I knew that soon this place of worship was going to become a temple of art and that it would soon start to shine anew!

(V. Šaina)