Jitka navrátilov


Last weekend, during the week of major cultural events that made Labin, at least for a short time, the capital on the cultural map of the Republic of Croatia, the Alvona Gallery opened its 30th exhibition season with the Vertikal exhibition of the Czech artist Jitka Navrátilova. The artist graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, Architecture & Design in Prague under the mentorship of the prominent Czech sculptor, Professor Kurt Gebauer. Since 1998, he has been continuously exhibiting in the Czech Republic and abroad. He is engaged in painting, photography, making sculptures and spatial objects. In her practice, she also participates in the implementation of revitalization and restoration projects of historical monuments, including public spaces, and she has participated in numerous international sculpture symposia.
Art historian PhDr. Reflecting on her work, Vítězslav Štajnochr pointed out that words alone cannot create eternal beauty and that today’s man has become too accustomed to the idea of a painting that depicts reality. In the following, he states that artistic work is actually a newly created reality, but the painter is not powerful in himself to create, but only in inspiration – he breathes the soul into the picture. And those pictures are not handmade, Eikonés Acheiropoiétoi.


The exhibited works are extremely lyrical and Alvona shone in bright colors full of light. For the author, Vertikal symbolizes a man who is the one who connects the earth with the sky, and she points out that all people should have an open heart that shines, considering that the most important thing is to preserve that jewel in yourself and remain pure of heart, filled with humanity and goodness.
The setting of this exhibition is unique and the space exudes light, cleanliness and warmth.

In addition to pastel drawings and paintings in the combined technique, the artist also exhibited three of her smaller sculptures: Angel, Angelica and Water Fairy, while the central place belonged to the image of Ivan the Baptist, which literally merged with the altar frame as if it had originally been there and had always been there. A special accent to the exhibition is given by the brilliantly innovative acrylic on canvas Resurrection-Bliss Geyser positioned at the very base of the altar pedestal.

It was the verissage of the 167th solo exhibition out of a total of almost 200 organized since 1993, with the realization of 4 publishing projects of the Alvona Gallery: 1 graphic map and 3 art monographs – Karlo Paliska, Quintino Bassani and Vinko Šaina.
Alen Barić gave a special charm to the opening with his mandolin music, who performed his original works on the instrument he made himself.
The exhibition remains open until the end of the month.