Uschi Deutschmann


Uschi Deutschmann 

Born 1956 in Bruck/Mur in Styria, Austria

Resides in Graz, Styria, Austria

1986     She established Galerie Payer in Leoben, Austria.

             She presented artists from all over the world until 2009.

1989 – 2009 She started exhibiting outside the gallery context and founded “obersteirische Kunsttage”.

           At every single exhibition she presented about 50 international artists in Kunsthalle Leoben.

1993     She invited Vinko Saina and other Istrian artists, with whom she has been working ever since.

2006 – 2008 She organized “Istrische Künstlerinnensymposions der Galerie Payer” in Labin and Ravni and held 3 exhibitions in Galerija Alvona in Labin, together with Vinko Saina.

In 2003 Uschi Deutschmann began to present her own work, first in Trieste, Italy and then throughout the Alpe Adria region for which she feels great affection due to family heritage.

Her passion is the “Karst”, Krs, carso. She prefers to paint in Ravni and Mali Losinj on the seaside.

Her pictures are influenced by the Bura and Yugo winds, wild nature and human beings, feeling and doing – they are full of emotions in a very dynamic way.

She paints with the earth of Istra and the island of Losinj, pigments and acrylic, mainly on natural canvas.

Uschi Deutschmann is a self-taught artist, she has been painting and drawing since her childhood…. art is the most important part of her life.

She grew up in an art-loving and practicing family.

Her pictures do not have titles because she does not want to point the audience in any specific direction.

Art is also an adventure, everybody should find his or her own way to their own inner self.  

Her absolute motto is “ars necesse est. “