Fantastic Landscapes
Marija Puović


The artist is inspired by the mysterious nature of Jules Verne who spent his life exploring unknown and mystical worlds. Reality and mysticism merge and intertwine in different drawing and painting techniques. By choosing themes and motifs, the artist shows how she feels admiration for nature and human progress in coexistence with nature. She finds inspiration in nature, creating almost poetic structures devoid of all human dimensions. She alternately builds figurative and abstract compositions in the refined color of blue-green tones. Monochrome black lines in the shower technique partly build figures and motifs, and partly build a harmonious image of lines that has nothing to do with the real world. The color is bright in some places, emphasizing depth and matter, and dark in others, creating a feeling of darkness and storm. Perspective is not strictly defined, but there are certain shifts in perspective with the help of which different shapes and compositions are built. By depicting the idealization of life in nature, the artist builds on the themes and motifs of naive art. The works of art invite the observer to participate in the world that the artist has built. The curvy lines she uses suggest the power of movement in space and help build perspective. Using such a synthesis, she wants to point out the beauty of the world, nature, and the fact that man cannot make progress without respect for them.

Ileana Kurtović

Marija Puović was born in 1994 in Split, Split-Dalmatia County, Croatia. After her first studies at the School of Fine Arts in Split and then at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Philosophy, Greek and Latin Language and Literature, Classic Romance Philology, she moved to the Academy of Fine Arts, Conservation and Restoration of Cultural-Artistic Heritage. She works as an external associate of the Croatian Restoration Institute. In her free time she paints, and last year’s lockdown inspired her to return to nature, painting and watercolor illustrations. She combines watercolor, collage and acrylic, and different approaches give her countless expressive possibilities and actually represent a game for her. Her art is a dedication to nature, its colors, its beauties. Nature that creates, grows, flourishes, renews and relaxes. He is currently preparing new illustration projects and is immensely looking forward to new creative paths.