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Ivana Puljić


If we interpret our earthly existence as continuously creating scrapbook, art works of I. Puljić can be seen as pages that have been shaped very carefully and with love by some very special. Emotions that are present throughout the process of elaborating ideas and formation of these artworks are inevitable transfered to the audience and defining the attitude of the observer.

The radiating warmth, tittup with a child’s perception of the world and life in which it is possible to grab a bundle of balloons and safely fly to the colorful imagination, confirms the correctness of the decision to step out from the frameworks. (S. Zloić)

Ivana Puljic was born in Split. For two years she studied Art History at Faculty of Humanities and Social Studies at University of Split. After that, she enrolled at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Rome at the Department of Painting. She graduated painting in prof. Italo Scelza Palumbo’s class.

Even as a student she experimented with different colours and techniques.

She began working with wax primarily because it is an ecological material; it is natural and not harmful for health. While experimenting with encaustic and batik techniques she discovered her own expression technique which can be described as a combination of painting, sculpture and graphics. Her themes are mostly realistic – metaphorical stories about two worlds: the external world that surrounds us and the internal in which we are immersed. Between the city chaos and frenetic, she decided to devote her attention to the simple, everyday things that surround us, to incorporate them with human emotions, connecting and interlacing them with threads.

Two-dimensional painting was a challenge for her…. how to give it a third dimension…

The wax perfectly fitted: it can be modified, melted, moulded, it is transparent, and when it hosts some object does not hide it, do not falsify it; shows it as it truly is.

In different areas and in different times connects with threads all these fragments of told and untold stories that live separately.

After graduating she exhibited in galleries and museums around Croatia, Italy, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, France, Bulgaria and Netherlands.